About Kentucky Dogwear

A dog is a man’s best friend. Therefore it deserves the best. At Kentucky Dogwear, we want to offer the best by producing comfortable and high-quality dog products. As dogs became a part of the family, we developed stylish products that suit your lifestyle. To ensure all products are approved by dogs, they have to pass by our very own and highly critical office dogs: Paula, Pyper and Polly.

About Kentucky Dogwear
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With our wide expertise in the development, production and branding of the Horsewear collection, we introduced our first dog coat for Christmas 2017. We can’t ignore this was a big success from the start. As Kentucky core values are excellence & innovation, we tried to be as reactive as possible to what our customers ask. This is why we created our Dogwear Collection, with the ambition to continuously improve our products. Our philosophy remains the same: ultimate comfort, protection and wellbeing for your dog. Discover our collection of collars, leads, coats, beds and other accessories to ensure comfort and a fancy look to your best friend.

Since the beginning, our products are developed with the expertise of Thomas Tuytens, CEO. His expertise in the textile industry comes from a family heritage. At Concordia Textiles, his family produces high-quality and technical fabrics for the army or the medical field. This level of quality is brought to Kentucky products

Excellence & Innovation in the Pet industry
For the love of all animals Animal Friendly Brand

Kentucky Dogwear develops products to protect the dogs and can. not do so while harming other animals. This is why we only use materials with no animal ingredients, like artificial leather, artificial sheepskin and artificial rabbit skin. The only difference stands in better quality and durability!

Not only do we stress the quality of our products, we also care about our  environmental  impact.  Kentucky  Dogwear  is  an  animal-friendly  brand who uses exclusively  artificial  products. Moreover, the headquarters based in Ronse, Belgium, in the heart of Europe, are eco-friendly. Using 100% green energy, the building is CO2 neutral and at the image of the brand: it matches class with the ability to perform in the best circumstances.

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About Kentucky Dogwear



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