Tips for road tripping with your dog

July 01, 2021

Tips for road tripping with your dog

It’s finally time to travel with the family, and that also includes your beloved dog. If you’re planning on going on a road trip, you might want to check out these tips.


Before you depart, make sure to check if your dog is up to date with his vaccines. For Example, rabies is a mandatory vaccine in most countries. Depending on which kind of vaccine your dog has had, it must be renewed every year to every 3 years. Please consult your vet to check this. While you’re at the vet, you can ask to check the data from your dog’s chip. Over the years, your phone number or other data might have changed, so it’s important to check the chip information occasionally.

Also, do some research for the rules of the country you travel to. In some countries, a muzzle basket is required. In other countries, specific breeds are prohibited. It’s also important to check the rules of the countries you travel through because in some places it’s illegal to leave your dog loose in the car. Therefore, take a dog seatbelt along the way or put him in a bench. 

Right before the road trip

It’s almost time to go to your holiday destination, but before you leave, you have to make the car a bit more dogproof. Create a cozy spot for your dog in the car. You can include his favorite toys there and make it comfier with our dog beds to go.

Don’t forget to bring some necessities like

  • Your dog’s passport
  • Lots of fresh water and food
  • Treats
  • A towel
  • Poop bags
  • Lead and collar
  • A first aid kit, including some dog wipes and a tick removal tool

It’s a good idea to keep these items close to you during the road trip, so you can easily access them.

Right before you leave, take a long walk to stretch your dog’s legs. You can also play for a little bit. This will make your dog a little tired. Like this, he can sleep for a long part of the trip which makes it less stressful.

On the road

Time to go! To keep your dog busy on the road, you can give him something to chew on, like the dog toy silicone bone. Be careful that what you give is not too small, so he doesn’t choke during an emergency brake.

Try to stop every 2 to 4 hours to let your dog stretch his legs and to have a toilet break. You can also play during the pit stop or give him his food. Never feed your dog while you’re driving.

If you’re stopping at a gas station, be careful around the gas pumps. There might be gasoline, oil, or anti-freeze liquids on the ground. If your dog steps in this and later licks his paws, the chemicals can get into his body which is extremely dangerous. Therefore, when you’re letting your dog out of the car, try to do it at a greener place where there are fewer cars.

When you’ve arrived at your destination, let your dog get used to the new environment. After you’ve all settled down, you can both enjoy your holiday! 

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