Spring cleaning tips for dog owners

April 15, 2021

Spring cleaning tips for dog owners

Spring cleaning always seems like a hard task to start but feels so satisfied when it’s done. When you’re cleaning the whole house, don’t forget about your dog. With these 5 tips, everything will be squeaky clean.

  1. Sort the toybox

Find every toy in the house and check which ones are broken. Unless it’s the absolute favorite of your dog, just throw it away. The remaining toys could probably use a good wash. Check the care label to see how you need to clean the toy. Some toys like the silicone bone can easily be washed in the dishwasher, while other toys need hand washing. After washing, let the toys dry completely before giving them back to your dog.

  1. Time to do the dishes

Dog bowls are often forgotten when we’re cleaning things. But just like our plates your dog’s food and water bowls need to be washed daily. All Kentucky dog bowls can go in the dishwasher, which makes the job a little easier. While you’re cleaning the dog bowls also check the expiring date on dog treats. Throw away treats that are expired and keep the treats that are almost expiring close, so you don’t forget to give them to your dog.

  1. Laundry time

As the weather is getting better, it’s time to store your dog coats. Before doing this, make sure you gave them a last good wash. This will save you a lot of time when the weather is getting colder again. While you’re washing the coats, you can also wash the cover of your dog bed. Try to take as many hairs as possible off of the bed before throwing it in the washing machine. Let the dog bed air dry before putting it back over the filling.

  1. Time for a relaxing groom session

Spring also means shredding season. Start by giving your dog a brushing session to remove all loose hairs. This will help a lot during the shredding process. Then bath your dog to remove all sand and mud. After washing, you can dry your dog fast with the dog coat towel. While you’re waiting for your dog to be dry, you can check if he is up to date with deworming and flea/tick prevention. If your dog is completely dry, don’t forget to clean out the ears and brush his teeth too.

  1. Clean your walking gear

After everything in the house is clean again, including the dog. Don’t forget to wash his collar/harness and leash too. If you have a soft rubber or artificial leather product, you can just wipe it down with a wet wipe. All the other fabrics can be washed at 30 degrees. Also check if you have enough poop bags to take with you on all your spring hikes.

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