Tips to calm your dog down during fireworks

The end of the year is coming, and so are the fireworks. For some dogs, this is no time to celebrate but a scary one. We’ve gathered a few tips to make your dog stay calm and feel safe during the fireworks.

1) Plan your activities during the day
When it gets darker, people are already lighting some fireworks. Therefore, try to tire your dog during the day. Go for a long walk while it’s still light outside so your dog can go out calmly. During the night, go for a short walk and play inside to get his mind off the fireworks. Like this, they will hopefully sleep through most of it.

2) Let your dog home during the fireworks
Even though we would love to spend time with our dog during New Year’s Eve, your dog likes to be in his trusted environment. Therefore, do not take your dog to see the fireworks. If possible, stay home too, so you’re always there for him.

3) Make sure the chip is well registered
Do a good check of all the doors and gates, so there’s as little chance as possible your dog gets out. In the worst case, your dog can run away when he’s scared. Therefore, also make sure to check if your contact details on the dog’s chip are still correct.

4) Keep your pet hydrated
Dogs who are scared are panting more. So, make sure to provide your dog with plenty of fresh water. Even though your dog doesn’t feel like drinking, try to motivate your dog, so he doesn’t dehydrate.

5) Create a safe space
During the fireworks, it’s important to have a safe space for your four-legged friend. Make sure he has a comfy dog bed, his favorite toy, and maybe something to keep him busy like a chewing bone. You could also put on some calming music and close the curtains so he doesn’t notice the fireworks.

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