Tips on washing your dog

Tips on washing your dog

It’s the season to be muddy. This means your dog will roll in the mud, or at least play in it 😄. Kentucky Dogwear is here to help you with a couple of tips on how to wash your dog.

How often should you wash your dog?

The frequency of washing your dog depends on the breed and the dirtiness of your dog. Generally speaking, you should wash a dog once a month. However double-coated dogs and dogs with a water-repellent coat don’t need a bath that often as it strips their natural oils. For them, it’s better to brush the coat twice a week. Short-haired dogs don’t need to be washed often too. If you don’t want to wash your dog that often, but he does like the dirt. Maybe a dirt-repellent dog coat is your solution.

How to clean your dog

If your dog has long hairs, make sure to brush it very well so there’re no tangles. Use some lukewarm water to wet your dog. Then use special dog shampoo to wash your dog, it’s even better to select a shampoo based on the skin type of your dog. Dog shampoo is gentler for the dog’s skin and natural oils. Distribute the shampoo evenly through the coat and rinse well. Do a second round of soap and rinse this even better. If there’s still some soap left after washing your dog, this will cause a lot of irritation resulting in scratching. To rinse the soap, use again lukewarm water and make sure the pressure of the water is low. When the dog is completely washed, it’s time to dry your dog. After a good bath, a dog loves to shake the water off and rub its skin against the sofa or carpet. With the Dog Towel, you don’t have to worry about your sofa or carpet getting wet and dirty again and your dog will dry in no time! Never use a human blow dryer to dry your dog, as it is too warm.

Tips for washing your dog

  • Put some dog shampoo in an empty water bottle and fill half of it with water. Shake the bottle and you’ll see that the shampoo is thinned and gives some foam. This will make it easier to divide the shampoo evenly through the coat of the dog.
  • Never clean the ears of a dog with dog soap and make sure there’s no water in the ear canals. To clean the ears, use some special wipes for dogs to clean the ears.
  • A dog generally doesn’t like water in his face while washing. If you want to wash his face, use a damp washcloth and gently wipe it over his face.
  • Does your dog really dislike being washed? Put some peanut butter on the side of the tub. Your dog will be busy eating the peanut butter and you have some time to wash the dog.
  • While washing your dog, it’s the perfect time to wash his dog bed and collar too. By doing this everything will be squeaky clean.

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