The difference between a dog collar or a dog harness?

The difference between a dog collar or a dog harness?

Nowadays you have a great choice when you want to buy a dog collar or dog harness. A lot of people are team collar or team harness. At Kentucky, we think you should choose the type of leash that offers the most comfort to your dog. Keep on reading to find out what type is best suited for your dog. 

Benefits of a dog collar

If you have the intention to leave the leash on all day, a collar is more comfortable for the dog. The dog can move more freely since it has no straps around his body. For long-haired dogs, a collar can be more enjoyable for him because it prevents hair from spinning around the straps. If your dog is pulling, a collar will not prevent this but will discourage to do so. Harnesses give the dog more freedom around the neck area and make it easier for the dog to pull.

benefits of a dog Harness

The neck of a dog is even more sensitive than the neck of a human. A lot of vital muscles, veins and the spine are located in the neck. When you’re applying pressure to this, it will cause a lot of tension. Using a harness will reduce the risk of hurting the dog’s neck and vital parts. This makes the harness also suitable for dogs who have raspatory problems. Where a collar centralizes all pressure to the neck of the dog, a harness divides pressure evenly. For dogs that easily pop out their eyes due to too much eye pressure, a harness is a better solution too, since it puts no pressure on these areas. If you’re traveling with your dog by car, you might want to buckle him up for its safety. If you want to do so, a harness is safer than a collar in case you have to make an emergency stop.

How to decide if you need a collar or a harness

The difference between a dog collar or a dog harness is really in what both you and your dog want. For some dogs a collar is more comfortable, while other dogs prefer a harness. If your dog is pulling, no collar or harness will solve this problem. Consult a professional to stop your dog from pulling. This will make walking with your dog more enjoyable for both you and your dog.

How to measure the right size

Once you made up which type of leash you want it’s important to have the correct size. Not having the right size will eventually cause problems too. Measuring a dog collar is easy, you measure the circumference of the neck of your dog. For the right fit, you have to be able to put 2 fingers between the neck and the collar. If you can put more than 2 fingers without having a tight feeling, the collar is probably too big. This may be troubling as the dog can escape out of the collar. If 2 fingers between the collar and the neck are already too tight, the collar is too tight.


For a dog harness measure the circumference of the chest. For the right fit, you have to be able to put your hand under the harness. By doing this, you’re sure the harness is not too tight. All our collars and harnesses are adjustable, so you can adjust to the most comfortable fit for your dog. If you want, you can pick a matching lead too. Your dog will be the most fashionable in the neighborhood!

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