Kentucky’s Christmas gift guide for dogs

Happy Howlidays! Are you still looking for the perfect present for your dog this Christmas? In our gift guide, you’ll find the best gift for every kind of dog.

  1. The stylish dog
    Is your dog a fashionista? Then the dog coat pearls combined with the handmade pearls collar and lead are an excellent choice. The chic pearl details will make your dog shine bright, while the coat keeps him nice and warm.
  1. The dog who’s always cold
    Does your dog hate to go outside in winter? With this gift, you will make him really happy! The dog coat fake fur is super warm and soft, so your dog can enjoy a cold winter day. Prefer something waterproof too? Then don’t miss our dog coat waterproof 300g.
  1. The napster
    Do you always catch your dog sleeping? Maybe it’s time to spoil him this Christmas with a cozy dog bed. What about the dog bed velvet, a soft and chic bed that makes him feel like he’s sleeping on clouds. Or the igloo to provide him with more shelter. We have plenty of dog beds that suit every interior.
  1. The chewer
    Do you have a dog who loves to chew on things he’s not supposed to? With this gift, you will have the perfect solution for both of you. The dog toy silicone bone is made from food-grade silicone, which is non-toxic to your dog.
  1. The foodie
    Who doesn’t love food? If your dog is crazy about food, why not gift him a new dog bowl. Our marble dog bowls are very chic and keep water cooler during summer. Or what about the bamboo terrazzo bowls? These eco-friendly bamboo bowls are very stylish and super strong.
  1. The adventurer
    Are you and your dog always up for adventures? Then the harness active velvet can’t miss in your collection. The harness is next to comfortable, also very fashionable thanks to the velvet details. Pair the harness up with the matching velvet lead, and you’re ready for your next adventure. 
  1. The mud-lover
    If your dog sees a puddle of mud, are they going for it? Don’t worry about your collar anymore with the soft rubber dog collar. The soft rubber is very easy to clean, as you can just wash it in the sink with some water. To dry the coat of your dog, our dog coat towel comes in handy. The fast-drying microfiber makes sure you have no smelly wet dog walking around in the house.
  1. The travelholic
    Are you constantly taking your dog with you? Don’t forget a travel bed. The dog bed fuzzy to go is a soft and cozy portable dog bed. Just roll it out, and your dog can nap wherever he wants.
  1. The classic dog
    Is your dog more of the classical style? Then you can’t go wrong with the dog coat original. With the timeless design of the coat and the high-quality materials, your dog will enjoy this coat for many winters. The coat can be paired up with the plaited nylon dog collar.
  1. Cuddle lover
    Does your dog love cuddling? Then Alfredo the Alpaca and Elsa the elephant are perfect cuddle buddies. The cute toys are made of organic and fair-trade cotton and feature a bottle on the inside for fun crackling sounds.

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