7 tips for your senior dog

7 tips for your senior dog

When you are having a puppy, you adjust the house to have a safe environment for your dog. But did you know old dogs need special care too? We’ve got seven tips to let your dog enjoy his old age.

  1. Change your dog’s diet

When you have an old dog, you might notice that your dog has less energy. Changing his food to senior kibble will help to support his muscles and immune system. Also, as the dog is moving less, the special dog food helps him maintain the perfect weight. If you’re changing your dog’s diet, it’s always a good idea to consult this with your vet.

As the dogs are less mobile it’s best to give them a dog bowl that they can access easily. Our dog bowl comfort feeder comes in three different heights, so the dog does not have to eat from the floor. This dog bowl will relieve the pressure on your dog’s neck when he’s eating and help his digestive system. Another tip is to have several dog bowls around the house filled with water. If your dog is having difficulties getting around, he will still have easy access to water.

  1. Regular walks

Walking your dog is always a good idea, even when your dog gets older and is less mobile. Having regular exercise helps your dog to stay fit and will also prevent your dog from getting overweight. Try to keep your walks short and always check if your dog is not hurt while walking. Make sure his collar or harness sits comfortably and don’t forget your pooh bag.

  1. Take good care of his coat

As your dog gets older, it’s harder for him to keep it’s coat nice and shiny. As the fur loses its quality, it’s best you help your dog a little bit. Brush your dog more regularly, especially when he’s shedding his coat. When you’re washing your dog make sure you use special products that won’t irritate the dog’s skin. Some extra love and cuddles will also help your dog feel fantastic!

  1. Make sure he’s warm

Older dogs have a harder time keeping themselves warm. To help your dog stay warm, you can use a dog coat. You can go for a waterproof dog coat to avoid he gets cold from the rain. If your dog needs a little more protection from cold weather, you can try our fake fur dog coat that will make your senior dog shine like a puppy. Discover our dog coat section for more dog coats to support your elder dog from cold weather conditions.

  1. Keep his mind young

By keeping your dog challenged and stimulated, you’ll keep your dog’s mind young.  You can do this by learning your dog a new exercise or by playing some games. Explore our dog toy section to find a toy that will assure you some fun playtime with your dog.

  1. Good bed to avoid stiffness

Dogs need like humans a good dog bed too, especially when you get older. A good bed avoids stiffness and supports the dog’s sleeping position. Our dog beds will assure that your dog is sleeping on a cloud and create a cozy and comfortable spot for him. 

  1. See your vet more often

To make sure your dog has no infirmities due to old age and have him checked regularly. By seeing your vet more often he can advise you on the food you’re giving, the amount of exercise your dog needs or if he needs special supplements to keep him healthy. 

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