5 tips for walking your dog in the dark

5 tips for walking your dog in the dark

While the days are at its shortest, you’ll often have to walk your dog in the dark. To make sure you stand out on the road we’ve 5 tips for walking your dog in the dark.

Use reflective products

Especially dark-haired dogs are hard to see in the dark. If you have a reflective dog collar, it’ll be easy to recognize your dog. If you hang a small hanger on the collar, this will jingle a little bit. Because of the jingle, you’ll be able to hear your dog too. In the dark, it’s better to always use a lead. A reflective dog lead is perfect to warn cars or other vehicles that you and your dog are on the road. If it’s a little cold for your dog, you can use a reflecting dog coat or a dog coat with reflective details.

Know your route

When you’re walking in the dark it’s better to walk a familiar route. This will make walking easier for both you and the dog as you know where you’re going and have no surprises on what to expect. Also, choose your route smartly. You want to choose a route that is well-lit and has sidewalks. Walking against traffic makes it easier for both you and drivers to notice each other.

Light it up

If you have no other choice, then to walk in poorly lit areas use some lights to have better visibility. You can use small bicycle lights to put on the collar/harness, as long as it doesn’t bug your dog. Otherwise, you can put a small light on the dog lead. Don’t forget about yourself and make sure you stand out in the dark too! Use our reflective cap to match with your dog’s collar and lead but also to be very visible when you’re walking in the dark.

Team up

If your dog is afraid or more watchful during the night, ask a friend to bring their dog too. Your dog will follow the other dog and forget about their fears. It’s also important to come across as confident to your dog as you are the leader of the pack.

Take your phone

As much as we like to disconnect while walking the dog. It’s not a bad idea to bring your phone. The phone is perfect when an emergency happens or when you have lost your way. Also, the flashlight function could help in some dark trails.

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