Kentucky Dogwear

From dog owners, to dog owners

A dog is a man’s best friend. Therefore it deserves the best. At Kentucky Dogwear, we want to offer the best by producing comfortable and high-quality dog products. As dogs became a part of the family, we developed stylish products that suit your lifestyle.

Our product experts

To ensure all products are approved by dogs, they have to pass by our very own
and highly critical office dogs: Paula, Pyper and Polly.


Head of napping tests


Head of office dogs


Head of durability tests

We love all (fluffy) animals

Therefore we don’t use products made from animal ingredients. Instead, we developed artificial alternatives with improved quality and durability.

We put the comfort of your dog first

We understand how important your dog is to you. So we design our products with lots of attention to detail, quality, and comfort.

We ensure more quality time with your dog

Every minute spent with your dog is precious. Therefore we make easy-to-maintain products so you can spend more time with your dog instead of cleaning.
Because future dogs deserve a green planet too, we care about our environmental impact. That’s why we make long-lasting products. Our office and warehouse also run on 100% green energy and is CO2 neutral.
Eco-Friendly Brand
Because we care

Where we come from

Kentucky Dogwear comes from passion and expertise. With broad knowledge in the textile and making protective horse equipment, we can ensure strong, stylish and high-quality products for your dog. The extra touch to our products is the love for dogs, as we know your dog deserves the best.
We highly value the feedback of our customers. Do you have an idea, question or improvement about our products? Feel free to reach out to: [email protected]

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